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Meet the Potter


flung Ceramics is the creative child of Michelle who believes in celebrating life every day and this is expressed in her ceramics.

From far-flung places to far-flung pots, Michelle creates ceramics to love, cherish and enjoy every day. Using a combination of wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques, her pieces bring beauty + joy into everyday life

more about Michelle

I’ve had an affinity with clay and ceramics for a very long time…it just took me 40 years to work out just how much I loved it!

Having finally found the ‘thing’ that makes my soul sing, today I create tableware and homeware pieces for people to not only use, but to enjoy, appreciate and even love - and it brings me the most joy you can imagine.

Beautiful, yet functional, Flung pieces are not designed for once-a-year use. They are practical pieces of art, becoming part of an everyday ritual you can’t live without.

Carefully & mindfully handmade in Avalon

Studio + Showroom : Atelier 9 Avalon,

Shop 2, 9 Careel Head Rd, Avalon NSW 2107

Our Studio: Atelier 9, Avalon