ZERO WASTE with Jacqui Scrubby

ZERO WASTE with Jacqui Scrubby

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Mainstream society needs to shift to zero waste / plastic free living.” 

“91% of plastic isn't recycled and our recycling system is a myth. Barely any of it gets recycled and shipping offshore is counted as recycling with no accountability - it can be illegally dumped near a waterway leading to ocean pollution. I truly believe reducing waste in the household is critical to combating the global waste problem but it's not even addressed in the National Waste Strategy. I've created a course to make zero waste efficient, easy and effective. It's a bootcamp to motivate you into action, rather than a slowly, slowly approach.”


Jacqui is a former environmental lawyer and climate change consultant. In 2017 after witnessing plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, she and her family quit single use plastics. She created the world's first online course for zero waste -  6 Weeks to Plastic Free -  to teach others the most efficient and effective way to go zero waste and avoid the frustrations she experienced.  Together with her two girls and husband she's passionate about making zero waste mainstream and aspirational. 

After witnessing illegal landfill sites cascading into the sea on remote islands off the Mediterranean, Jacqui and her family took personal action, embarking on plastic free living. In her career, Jacqui has advised the big end of town on environmental policy, as an environmental lawyer and climate change management consultant, but feels taking individual action is even more powerful and a shift we can all make.  Despite the world facing a global plastic problem and Australia facing a national waste crisis - policy focuses on waste management and ignores the elephant in the room - to stop generating waste in the first place to help reduce individual household waste. 

Jacqui is on a mission to model that zero waste living needs to be and can be, mainstream. 

She’s the founder of the online course 6 Weeks to Plastic Free. Which is like a plastic-free bootcamp, designed to help people quit single use plastic so effectively that their landfill waste is negligible and they have no more plastic in their recycling.


This conversation with Jacqui is such a fabulous one to kick off our second series and call us all to action! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed chatting all things WASTE & PLASTIC with Jacqui Scruby. 


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The course - 6 Weeks to Plastic Free Next round starts mid-June and is just USD$65.

(ready for Plastic Free July) 


Another passion project of Jacqui’s - Tourists Against Trash - mapping landfill sites within 500m of the Mediterranean. Building a team (landfill specialist, crowd sourcing expert) to finalise the mapping. Find out more here 


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