If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“What wealth really means.”



Christina Hobbs is the CEO and Co-Founder of Verve - Australia's first ethical investing community for women, by women - including women's focused super fund Verve Super, and ethical investing platform Verve Money. 


Christina is an experienced Board Director in the super industry, and a published author on gender equality. She is passionate about ethical investment, impact investment and ensuring that capital is used to help build a better world.


Prior to founding Verve, she worked for a decade with the UN as a humanitarian financial inclusion expert. Her role focused on designing women focused micro-finance agricutlure projects in Gaza; establishing mobile banking/blockchain technology to deliver assistance in a number of conflict zones and complex natural disaster settings; and leading a 1 billion euro programme to register 1.3 million Syrians in Turkey with the social security and banking systems to receive EU humanitarian aid - one of the largest aid projects ever. Some incredible projects of impact that I’m looking forward to learning more about. 


It wasn’t until this time working in conflict affected countries like Syria and Iraq that Christina thought about superannuation and it’s impact. She found that her own superannuation was invested in weapons that had killed innocent civilians, which seemed so unbelievable. It was from here she decided things needed to change and Verve Money was born. 


Christina has led an interesting career journey and I was eager to find out more about this amazing woman and what she feels we should be talking more about. I truly hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation about money, wealth and doing things differently.  


So why is it important to invest in ethical superannuation funds?
By 2025 Australian women will hold $1.5 trillion in superannuation. That’s an incredible amount of financial power. Yet, without knowing it, many Australians are investing their super in fossil fuel companies, weapon manufacturers, tobacco producers and even gambling companies. Investing in an ethical super fund is about making a stance about the world you want your money to be contributing towards. Verve actively invests members’ money into projects like renewable energy, social housing, and microfinance.


For more information about Christina, check out these places;-


Website: vervesuper.com.au

Instagram: @verve.super and @verve.money 

Linkedin: Christina Hobbs


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