If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“If we were to return to the stone age, there would be three things we would need to survive - shelter, food and water. Agriculture provides those things for most of us and yet many of those that don’t live on the land understand the significance this industry has on their everyday lives.”



Angie Nisbet’s roots run deep in Australian agriculture, having been born and raised in North Western Queensland. Her upbringing on a cattle property instilled in her a profound love for the land, and her journey unfolded as she pursued a career in agriculture following her educational pursuits.


Angie's diverse professional journey has seen her don various roles, from jilleroo to beauty therapist, and even a truck driver for a livestock nutrition business during the harsh times of drought.. However, her most cherished titles are that of a rural mother of three and a devoted wife, residing on their station. Establishing a business in such a remote setting is no small feat, and Angie takes immense pride in the close-knit community she calls home and understands the unique setting in which she calls her home. Agriculture is a crucial sector that sustains us all, and Angie is determined to spark more conversations about its significance at the kitchen table


Driven by a desire to bridge her profound connection to the land with the inspirational women she has encountered in the agricultural sphere, Angie was inspired to create her own podcast, "Married to the Land." Here she delves into the intricate relationships between women living in rural, remote, and regional areas. Angie is a formidable advocate for rural women and I’m looking forward to our conversation today.


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Website: https://www.marriedtotheland.com/

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Podcast: Married to the Land


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