Unlikely conversations on uncomfortable topics
This entire podcast stems around one question...
"If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?"

Wabi Sabi is a traditional Japanese philosophy that best describes how I embrace life- centering around the acceptance of flaws and imperfections. The aesthetic focuses on finding beauty within imperfection in our lives and gracefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. For me, it’s about not only embracing our messy, complicated and unplanned lives but using this adversity to drive us and make us better.

I’m Michelle Cox – a long-time business executive and company director that recently stepped off the crazy corporate treadmill to have what I termed a creative break. All I can say, is this break has been life changing for me. Amongst other things, without any previous desires or long term plan, I became a published author.

You see, I like asking people uncomfortable questions and talking about topics that many shy away from. Meaningful conversations light me up. I’ve had my fair share of trauma and life drama but I try not to let those negative things define me. I’ve shared my experiences and the things I’ve overcome to shed some light on living a life that’s true to you – and not being defined by others expectations.

My desire in writing the Wabi Sabi Book Series was to spark conversations about topics we don’t often talk about. Things like death, grief, not having kids and the unexplained power Doctors often wield over us. What the books have led to, I could never had imagined. They certainly got people talking and I felt that I wanted to have far more conversations around weird, wonderful and sometimes taboo topics.

So – here we are – the Wabi Sabi Series podcast - Unlikely conversations on uncomfortable topics.

I’ve gathered a bunch of smart, interesting and pretty inspiring people - to ask them just one question…
If there is one topic that you’d love society to talk more about, what would it be and why?

And what they’ve shared with me has been fascinating. At times a little shocking and often hilarious. So, if you’re interested in wonderfully juicy conversations with some amazing humans around topics we don’t often talk about – come join us on the Wabi Sabi Series Podcast.
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