THE TROUBLE WITH SLEEP with Olivia Arezzolo

THE TROUBLE WITH SLEEP with Olivia Arezzolo


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Sleep and understanding your chronotype is the key to sleeping well. And don’t we all want more of that these days!”



You may have been asked ‘what’s your spirit animal’ before - supposedly giving some unique insight into your psyche as a human, but have you ever heard of the concept around your ‘sleep animal’ before? Apparently, most of us fit into the chronotype of being a Bear, Lion or Wolf. 


I’ve done the quiz, and I’m a Wolf. “Wolves like to go to bed and rise latest of all – they are the night owls. They can be fun loving and sociable; they like to squeeze the last bit out of every day, often burning the candle at both ends” - hmmm this doesn’t sound like me at all… MUCH!! :)


My guest today is Olivia Arezzolo who is a sleep expert. Her primary mission is to improve the lives of others from inside and out and through rapid transformation of her clients based on her practices. Olivia educates that understanding your chronotype is the key to sleeping well - it can supercharge slumber and boost your mood, she has evidence that sleep is the vehicle to achieve a better life - amen to that! 


After 9 years of study and countless hours of coaching, Olivia knows that your best nights rest comes when you use chronotype specific sleep strategies and she’s recently released a book, Bear, Lion or Wolf - how understanding your sleep type could change your life, which is now published in 11 countries.


Olivia has been featured in Forbes, The Today Show and The Morning Show; partnered with global brands including Sealy Posturepedic and Ikea, has her own column in the leading health publication in Australia - Body and Soul. Being a long time bad-sleeper myself, I was eager to sit down and quiz her on everything she knows on the wonderful topic of sleep - hope you enjoy!


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