THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE with Bradley Dryburgh

THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE with Bradley Dryburgh

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

The power of perspective & seeing our hardship as an opportunity to grow & learn.”


Proving that our perspective towards hardship can foster purpose & develop formidable resilience, Bradley Dryburgh ran his first 2 marathons shortly after being rushed to hospital for complications with his chronic illness, a far cry from the harsh words of a childhood doctor who told Brad’s parents he wouldn’t survive his teenage years.


The lessons learnt in the face of life-threatening adversity is why Bradley considers himself to be ‘blessed with cystic fibrosis’. With a firm belief that choosing to control our perspective & beliefs are the first port of call in a successful life & career, it’s no surprise that Brad has become an in-demand speaker for his ability to draw actionable insights from his own inspiring lived experience. 


All within his captivating story, you can expect to learn: 2 simple steps to developing your life purpose, practical tools to master belief & perspective, along with the sure-fire way to render the resilience required to overcome the hardship we all experience as human beings. Brad is such an interesting person and I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation. 


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