THAT’S A WRAP! with Michelle Cox

THAT’S A WRAP! with Michelle Cox

Milestones are great markers. They are opportunities to take stock, to reflect, to see how far you’ve come. This is now the 160th episode of the Podcast & the final episode of Season 4. 


For those that have been hanging out with me here for a while - you’ll know that I started this ‘project’ podcast in the height of lockdown as I wanted to continue the conversations I was having with people on ‘uncomfortable topics’. The conversations I’ve had this season have included topics like Normalising Anxiety, Radical Responsibility, Insecurity, Sexuality & Disability, Overcoming trauma, and a few different angles of a growing topic of discussion on mental health and the stigma of medication in regards to mental health. 


Thank you to all the amazingly diverse and interesting people I’ve had the absolute privilege in sitting down with one to one this year - it’s been incredible. It’s these wide-ranging topics that help bridge gaps between people, they build understanding and empathy about the differences between us. I believe, the more understanding and tolerance we have for those that live & think very differently than us, the better lives we will all live. Have a wonderful holiday season & I look forward to connecting with you again early in the new year when Season Five returns! 

Thank you for being here, Michelle x


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We are now recording for SEASON FIVE so if you have a burning topic you’d love people to talk more about, or know someone who’d be great to come on the show, please let me know;-

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