TALENT VS SUCCESS with Carolyn Miller

TALENT VS SUCCESS with Carolyn Miller

If there is one thing you wish society would talk more about, what would it be?

“That you don’t necessarily need to be talented to be successful.”


My guest today will be recognisable to many of you. For over 20 years Carolyn Miller has been working in the marketing and advertising industry and has been a strategist at multiple award-winning agencies. She’s also a regular panellist on the highly popular ABC Television Program ‘The Gruen Transfer’. Carolyn has also featured as a contributor in the best-selling 'Gruen Transfer' book in addition to being on a variety of TV shows like Sunrise and The Today Show. 

Carolyn is the Founding Director of Communications Consultancy ‘The Honeycomb Effect’ where her client base includes high profile brands such as Nespresso, Yahoo!, Pfizer, Lend Lease and The Australian Institute of Sport.  

Carolyn has a quick wit, is well read and is not afraid to speak her mind. So it was not surprising that we hit it off immediately when we first met this time last year. She’s my kinda gal. Carolyn it’s awesome to have you here today - welcome


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