SHED YOUR SHIT with Heidi Anderson

SHED YOUR SHIT with Heidi Anderson


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“Helping people recognise that in order to have confidence in life, they need to shed the shit they carry around with them everyday.”


Life looks a little different for Heidi Anderson these days and after 10+ years live on-air, she was well overdue for a change of scenery. Now, when she’s not arguing with her toddler about whether he’s driving the car or sitting in his car seat, she’s empowering and coaching women through life and business with speaking, workshops and group coaching. 


Her ability to think outside the box and build powerful relationships and connections helped her sign up over 2,500 women worldwide to her first ever business challenge launch in 2020. Since then, living her life one “go big or go home” day at a time, she’s single handedly disrupting the world of PR, launching her coaching programs in true Heidi style (flying a plane down WA’s coast with a “Heidi Anderson - the Queen of PR” banner, and strutting through shopping centres in just a bra and undies, obviously). 


Heidi is also the host of podcasts ‘Champagne Confidence’ and ‘First Time Parents’ and is well known for her real and raw take on life, business and motherhood. Never one to shy away from taboo topics, she speaks candidly about anxiety, body image, domestic violence, mental health and suicide. Heidi was born to be on stage, where she speaks openly, confidently and completely unfiltered. Her recently released book ‘Drunk On Confidence’ says so much on what Heidi is all about and I couldn’t wait to dive in and pick this dynamic woman’s brains on all things ‘confidence’! 


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