If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I want to talk about intimate images self-generated by young people. The proliferation of online child exploitation material (circulating nude images and videos of children, often including sexual abuse), and the shocking fact that much of it in 2021 is self generated. It’s a dark topic, but one I worry about from both a business and personal perspective.”


Yasmin London is the Executive Director of ySafe, Australia's largest online safety education organisation. Yasmin ignites social change through education and courageous conversations. My kinda gal! Her mission is to equip people with the skills and knowledge to ensure technology enhances their modern day lives, rather than detracts from it. 

Having previously spent 13 years in the NSW Police Force, Yasmin has truly been at the coalface when it comes to dealing with the real life consequences of negative online behaviours experienced by young people, parents and advocates trying to navigate the complex digital terrain. 

Now, as the Executive Director of ySafe, Yasmin has collaboratively overseen the team’s delivery of online safety education to 500,000 kids since its inception, 100,000 parents and 50,000 school staff educating on multiple aspects of digital wellbeing and online safety. 

Yas is a fantastic speaker and consults for governments, schools, business and non for profit organisations. Aside from being widely recognised as Australia’s ‘Dancing Cop’, she’s also written for Kidspot, and appears on Channel 9 Today and the Weekend Today Show providing advice for Australians on online safety and positive technology management. Whilst a little confronting, this is a really important conversation and I feel the more we are all aware of the 


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