Series One Recap

Series One Recap

This weeks episode is a little different. It’s the last one of the year so I’ve decided to do a bit of a recap. There’s no special guest today - just me in your lovely ears sharing my favourite bits from all the interviews I’ve done on Season One. There’s been so many juicy’s hard to pack them all into one episode!

This year has been BIG! It’s been hairy and gruesome… and we’ve all learnt A LOT. So...looking back at the last 30 wonderfully obscure and entertaining episodes I’ve recorded since I started this podcast in the height of COVID - I’ve bundled them into key themes for you. For those that have missed a couple of episodes - this will help you find them and for those that wanted to revisit some of the tips and wonderful insights from our guests - this will help to remind you of what you might like to hear again over the upcoming holidays.

Hope you enjoy the recap and I’ll be back with you in the new year with some fascinating new guests and fabulous uncomfortable conversations.

With love,

Michelle x


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