RESILIENCE with Justine Martin

RESILIENCE with Justine Martin


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“Overcoming adversity using a resilient mindset.”


I’m talking today to a woman known as the “Queen of Resilience”! Justine Martin has a story that is hard to believe and she has used the adversity that has happened to her to now help others. 


Ten years ago Justine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Then she underwent three heart surgeries, and followed that up with three primary cancers. All that happening to one person - much of it at the same time is bloody hard to comprehend. Justine was told she would never work again - but that was never an option for her. Justine catapulted herself into the world of business. She not only changed her life to give it purpose & direction but also inspired those around her with her story.


To be resilient means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; a toughness. This definition has been the cornerstone of Justine’s extraordinary journey over the last decade, a journey no one could fathom, but what Justine believes, a journey that has changed her for the better.


After learning how to paint and using her art as therapy, she has become a multi-award-winning artist and found the strength and determination to take control of her financial future. She is also a Resilience Consultant & Speaker and the owner and founder of the Resilience Mindset, where she draws on her years of experience and knowledge, consulting with clients to develop and sustain a positive mindset. Justine has just won five awards at the AusMumpreneur Awards including GOLD for Coach of the Year! 


I was introduced to Justine through a friend of hers who felt we’d have a lot to talk about. It was wonderful to chat to Justine and learn how she’s overcome so much adversity. I hope you enjoy this very different conversation today with the incredible, Justine Martin. 


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