If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

Re-ignition of the older woman” including rediscovering who you were before you had to be someone through mood dressing, playfulness, dance, irreverence and a bit of David Bowie


Growing up I’d heard the terms ‘dress for your age’ or ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ - those derogatory statements sneered about older women wearing something a much younger person was supposed to wear. But who decides what age we should (& shouldn’t) be draping our bodies with whatever we want? 


I was reminded of this recently when holidaying in Italy. We’d walked to the beach so I wore my practical one-piece under my shorts and was taken aback when I noticed the hundreds of women frolicking in the shallow ocean depths - every one of them were in bikinis. I’m talking from 5yr olds, right through to women over 80 - in all shapes and sizes and completely embracing their curves. They were glorious to watch with their body confidence, bright colours and extravagant accessories (we were in the water after all!). It made me think about conversations I’d had with my friends around the ‘appropriate age to which you should stop wearing a bikini’. Shouldn’t it be when you don’t want to - not when society pressures you to think you are less than. can imagine my excitement when I came across today’s dynamic guests - Ginger and Carman. They are two mates in their 60’s who are challenging the norm on how we are supposed to act, and what we wear when we get to a certain age. 


Ginger and Carman have taken the world, and TikTok, by storm amassing 350k+ followers and fans drawn to their iconic style. Based in Naarm (Melbourne), the creative duo and best friends built their TikTok audience by simply capturing their escapades. What started as organic posting on a trip to Paris has grown into a niche-defining content creation.


They live with a carefree ethos and hope that all individuals can feel empowered in their bodies with a little help from a great 'fit' and excellent tunes to keep the vibes.


Their energy and attitude is infectious and this is a dynamic duo I couldn’t wait to meet. I knew the conversation would be as electric as the vibes Ginger and Carman give off - hold on to your ears people, it’s a fabulous chat with two glorious humans. 


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