PLANT MEDICINE with Mykel Dixon

PLANT MEDICINE with Mykel Dixon

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I want to talk about drugs and dependencies - from junk food to plant medicine (the good, the bad and the beautiful)”

The interest for me comes from our search for out of body experiences. Why we're often afraid of losing control, where does addiction come from, what can we learn from plant medicine, and discuss how different cultures use plant medicine.”


Mykel Dixon is an award-winning speaker, learning designer, event curator, musician and author of the hot of the press book - Everyday Creativea dangerous guide to making magic at work 

A musician by trade, gypsy by nature, fierce non-conformist and prolific anti-perfectionist, he works with senior leaders and teams of Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies to unlock breakthrough creativity. 

I’ve always found Mykel to be someone who not only breaks the mould of what typical MC’s, speakers or performers do… he smashes the absolute crap out of it! He’s confronting at times as he challenges our notion of what’s ‘normal’  - but it’s exactly why I love spending time with him. He shakes things up. He shakes me up...and today’s conversation was no different. I hope you enjoy this incredible conversation with the formidable, Mykel Dixon. 


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