PLANET OCEAN with Tim Silverwood

PLANET OCEAN with Tim Silverwood

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“I want to see more people talking about the fact that we live on Planet Ocean rather than Planet Earth.”

“I struggle with human superiority over all other living, wild things. I wish people could talk more about the fact that we are just one of millions of amazing species who evolved on this planet, together. But we are the ones at the centre of such tragic destruction of the diverse living biosphere.” 


Tim Silverwood is an award-winning environmentalist committed to reducing human impacts on the natural world. A keen surfer, Tim became alarmed at the risks plastic pollution posed to our oceans and wildlife, co-founding the not-for-profit organisation ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ in 2009.

After ten years building Take 3 into a social movement and successful charity, Tim launched Ocean Impact Organisation (OIO) in 2020. OIO is Australia’s first ocean impact ecosystem and startup accelerator helping people to start, grow and invest in businesses that positively impact the ocean.

Tim’s focus and mission with OIO is to create an abundant and sustainable ocean through inspiration, innovation, leadership and good business.

Tim’s achievements include being awarded the 2014 Green Globe ‘Sustainability Champion’; featuring in the popular ABC series ‘War on Waste’ and starring as an ‘Ocean Guardian’ in the 2017 feature documentary ‘Blue’.

In 2011, Tim sailed 5000km across the North Pacific Ocean to study the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, sharing his experiences through a popular TEDx talk on his return.

Tim is a passionate presenter, commentator and facilitator who has delivered hundreds of talks and workshops to businesses, government agencies, schools, communities and conferences including South by Southwest Eco in Austin, Texas and the Our Ocean conference in Washington D.C.

A regular fixture in news and media, Tim delivers a firm, reasoned and insightful case for ‘business as unusual’ to create an abundant and sustainable future for Planet Ocean and its inhabitants. Tim & I share a love of yoga & met a couple of years ago whilst enjoying the beautiful vista of our beloved Whale Beach. I tell you, you couldn’t meet a nicer guy and it’s so refreshing to find someone that has not only clearly found their passion & calling in life but who dedicates everything to pursuing that cause & is making one hell-of-a difference along the way. Tim is so articulate and this is a wonderful conversation about an incredibly worthy topic - I truly hope you enjoy it.


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