OTHERHOOD with Bernadette Andrews

OTHERHOOD with Bernadette Andrews


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Having a fulfilling life even if you don’t have kids.”




Bernadette Andrews of Embrace Otherhood is an author and life coach to women who have gone through unsuccessful fertility treatment. She helps them to release fertility shame and trauma, to create a new meaningful life.


For sixteen years, Bernie went on and off the baby making train in the hopes of falling pregnant. She tried everything, from IVF and Chinese medicine to naturopathy, all while maintaining her humorous and positive vibe throughout a very challenging time. 


Today’s topic is one dear to my heart as whilst my story was very different to Bernie’s, there are similarities in our finding a new path in life, one we didn’t expect (or want) but one which we feel very happy & privileged now to live. 


Bernie's now on a mission to help others see the beauty in a life led without kids. Instead of referring to people who wanted children but couldn’t have them as ‘childless’, Bernie now encourages us all to embrace ‘otherhood’. Whilst your life may not have turned out exactly how you or those around you expected, you did all you could to have children and now you’re open to all the other possibilities that life has to offer - that of ‘otherhood’.


In sharing her story, Bernie hopes to help others experiencing infertility know they’re not alone, and that you can live a full, purposeful and rewarding life whether you join the mothers or fathers club - or not.

I hope you enjoy this really interesting conversation with Bernadette Andrews. 



For more information about Bernadette, check out these places;-

Website:  www.embraceotherhood.com 


Email:  hello@embraceotherhood.com 


Instagram:  @embrace_otherhood @bern_andrews 


You can find Bernadette’s book, How to Stay Sane on the Baby Making Train, here


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