If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


I would love for people to talk about (and understand) that busy is bad for them! It’s highly overrated and I’d like to break down what this means for us all to live a life that’s more fulfilling.”




Julie Hyde’s global reputation was built on transforming large businesses from toxic to top of their game. Julie heads up her own consultancy business as well as being a speaker, author and podcast host with 2 decades of corporate experience tucked under her belt. She has a Harvard qualification to boot and has a proven ability to be a total game changer for clients through her expert strategies, integrity and experience - although don’t play her at board games - ‘coz she admits she cheats!


In 2021, Julie’s life took a new turn when she was dealt a tough card: cancer. But one of Julie’s mantras in life is turning obstacles into opportunities. Yes, even with cancer. So she sees the diagnosis as a game changer. A vital chance to reassess priorities. Her focus on helping leaders understand modern leadership success is not a numbers game. It’s a people game. If you can align both the business and people priorities, your result will be high performance, high retention and high engagement levels. It’s a win/win. In a post-pandemic world where hybrid work is the norm, this is a must.


Julie and I were introduced through a mutual friend and have had many interesting conversations - especially around our cancer journeys so I’ve been looking forward to sitting down once again with her to chew the fat. Please enjoy this wonderful conversation with the gorgeous Julie Hyde. 



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