MYUNG SUNG with Dr Jenelle Kim

MYUNG SUNG with Dr Jenelle Kim


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


Myung Sung - the Korean art of Living Meditation.



Dr. Jenelle Kim is a wellness and beauty expert, ninth-generation Korean-American Master Herbologist, a published author, and doctor of Chinese medicine. Dr Kim is also the Founder and Formulator of JBK Wellness Labs where, over the last 15 years she’s been formulating for some of the world’s largest skin care brands.


Jenelle’s father has been a huge influence in her life. He was a Korean monk raised from the age of seven in a remote mountain temple and he passed his traditions and knowledge to his daughter. Today, as a ninth-generation healer and the keeper of her family’s proprietary herbal formulations, Jenelle honors the traditions of her ancestors every time she shows up for work as the lead formulator.  Her father believed firmly in passing on the principles he learned, which included topics such as not being doe chi (or drunk on your thoughts), balancing softness and strength in the same way bamboo does, always seeing yourself as one match capable of lighting thousands, and to use movement to strengthen meditation. Jenelle has been trained in martial arts her entire life, as a black belt these principles were a product of her discipline.


When Dr. Jenelle Kim began writing her first book, she wanted to preserve the legacy of her father, but now in these “unprecedented times,” the centuries-old principles for connecting with your path, purpose, and true self shared between the pages of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation is resonating with a new generation in a way she never expected. 


Jenelle is such a fascinating woman and I was super excited to get her on the podcast to understand her take on the world a little more in depth, I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation with the delightful, Dr Kim. 


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Dr Kim’s book: Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation 


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