MOULD TOXICITY with Alexx Stuart

MOULD TOXICITY with Alexx Stuart

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I am passionate about educating people on the negative health effects of mould.”


My guest today has taught me so much these past years on an often confusing topic to navigate, that is - how do we be healthier in an environment that is full of toxins and misinformation? Today, the term "Low Tox" has become a common phrase to refer to a way of life and making choices and the gorgeous Alexx Stuart has been working in this space way before many of us even realised we needed to learn more about it. 

Alexx is an educator, change agent, author, columnist, speaker and consultant at the forefront of a movement that’s non-judgmental and tough on the system that got us here. 

Through both personal challenges in her health and an unveiling of the injustices in the food and chemical industries, Alexx felt called to provide unbiased, educational resources to guide people like her who were confused about what constituted a 'good choice' for their health and the planet. The education website Low Tox Life was born and today Alexx is a 12 times best-selling author of the fabulous book “Low Tox Life” and runs a thriving online education hub made up of several e-courses, a top-ranked podcast, recipes, articles and community action resources for an ever-growing community of people wanting to be healthier and make our planet happier. 

Alexx’s style is to provide information in a factual form - but I love how she’s also really pragmatic and always says - start from where you are. It’s often overwhelming to bring change into your life - but any positive steps that help you be healthier are better than none. Please enjoy this educational episode with Alexx Stuart.


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