MOTHER LOSS GRIEF with Danielle Snelling

MOTHER LOSS GRIEF with Danielle Snelling

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Grief and mother loss as it’s not a topic we talk often or enough about.”


Danielle was 23, when her mum, Rosa, died from cancer. This was an incredibly isolating and lonely experience, and although Danielle had family support around her, none could directly relate. After a fruitless search for support for other women who had experienced mother loss, Danielle and co-founder, Eloise, established Motherless Daughters Australia (MDA) - a charity that connects and supports women and girls whose mums have died. Now, with a community of over 13,000 women, MDA provides support via an online support group, programs, events, resources, advocacy, awareness, and research.

This conversation is deeply personal for me. I’ve followed this organisation for a while now & wished there had been something like it when, 26 years ago, I too lost my Mum. I was only 27 and my sister & younger brother were 17 and 15. All so very young to navigate such a traumatic time - losing your Mum. The work Danielle & Eloise do with MDA positivity impacts so many peoples lives and I’ve been looking forward sitting down with Danielle to learn more. 

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