MEN CRY TOO with Justin Jones

MEN CRY TOO with Justin Jones

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“It’s okay to cry if you’re a guy!”


Justin Jones - otherwise affectionately known as Jonesy, is Australia’s pre-eminent Explorer, keynote speaker, adventure thinker and storyteller. His expeditions have taken him to the very corners of the world. He’s paddled a kayak from Australia to New Zealand, skied to the South Pole and back, and walked 1800km across the Australian Outback with his gorgeous wife, Lauren and one-year old daughter, Morgan.

Over the past 18 years he’s made a career of undertaking huge, epic, record setting expeditions around the world and sharing these on the stage and the screen. Justin currently holds two Guinness World Records and a place as one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers of all time.

Some of his most notable expeditions have been captured on screen - Crossing the Ditch, Crossing the Ice and Crossing the Outback. I urge you to watch these if you haven’t seen them already as they are riveting journeys to follow and gives you a real insight into the man himself.

Jus is a humble, charismatic and inspiring man. He’s a loving husband and beautiful Dad and I feel privileged to call him my friend. He’s an amazing keynote speaker and despite the incredible things he’s achieved in his life thus far, he’s very lowkey. He’s the perfect example of how determination, detailed planning and foresight can enable us who feel we are ‘ordinary’, achieve some of the most extraordinary feats. I’ve been looking forward to getting Justin on the podcast for so long - I’m thrilled to have him here! Please enjoy this wonderful conversation with Justin Jones.


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Jonesy is a passionate story teller. Watch his award winning documentaries capturing the amazing expeditions he’s been on;-


Crossing the Ditch

In 2008, Jonesy along with expedition partner, Cas, paddled a kayak unsupported from Australia to New Zealand. After paddling 3318 km over 62 days they finally staggered ashore setting a world record for becoming the longest unsupported double kayak expedition and the first people to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak. 


Crossing the Ice

In 2012 he then skied 2275km from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back over 89 days, completely unsupported setting another world first. It became the longest unsupported polar expedition ever undertaken and set a new benchmark and raised the bar of polar exploration globally.


Crossing the Outback

In 2017 Jonesy, his wife Lauren, and one-year old daughter, Morgan undertook an 1800km trek across the Australian outback. For 102 days they lived wild, in synch with the heartbeat of the land, attempting to challenge the belief that you can't lead an adventurous life and a family life at the same time.


Justin is launching Adventure Thinking Experiences later this year for corporate groups and individuals down in Tasmania. They are Tailor made experiences incorpating Adventure, food/wine, luxury and hardship. Check out his website for more deets


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