MEDICATION & MENTAL HEALTH with Chelsea Pottenger

MEDICATION & MENTAL HEALTH with Chelsea Pottenger

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? 

“We need to remove the stigma associated with medication used to aid mental health.”


Chelsea Pottenger is the dynamic, brilliant and inspirational Director of EQ Minds who is on a mission to empower high performance through greater mindfulness.

Chelsea’s passion is helping busy minds reset, recharge and navigate the challenges of everyday life. She’s an inspiring and engaging wellbeing speaker - I think I’ve seen her speak three times now and always love what Chels has to say. She’s also an ambassador for mental health charities including RUOK? and The Gidget Foundation, and recently became an author of the book ‘The Mindful High Performer’. 

Seeing and hearing, this beautiful ‘put together’ woman, you’d be forgiven to think she hasn’t got a care in the world. In 2015, Chelsea experienced debilitating post-natal depression, which sent her spiralling to the lower depths of mental health. With determination, help and resilience, Chelsea came back from a sometimes very dark place with a new purpose, passion and education and she’s here to tell us more about how she continues to navigate some of those challenging times.

Featured on Channel 9, ABC News, Marie Claire and Women’s Health, and with high-profile clients including Westpac, eBay, Brookfield, Macquarie, Estee Lauder, Optus and Google, Chelsea will empower you to take control of your mental wellbeing and be more efficient, resilient and happy.


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