Milestones are great markers. They are opportunities to take stock, to reflect. To see how far you’ve come. Today, I’ve got a different episode in store for you as I’m thrilled to say - this is the 100th episode of the podcast!


Making '100' of anything is a milestone to be proud of. In the times we live of instant gratification of most things - be it by now, pay later, move on if your social feeds or videos don't load in under 1 second and changing careers more time that you change your hairstyle... ‘sticking’ at something is often underrated.


I started a podcast in the height of lockdown in June 2020. I wanted to continue the conversations I was having with people on ‘uncomfortable topics’. After writing books to challenge peoples’ notion on topics like not having kids, death, doctors & taking control of our own healthcare, I wanted to have more conversations on difficult topics - and I can say that over the past 3 years I have certainly done that. 


The conversations on this podcast are as diverse and interesting as the people I’ve had the absolute privilege in sitting down with one to one. It’s these wide ranging topics help bridge gaps between people, they build understanding and empathy about the differences between us. I believe, the more understanding and tolerance we have for those that live & think very differently than us, the better lives we will all live.


Reflecting back on the 100 interviews I started to think about just how some of those conversations have impacted me. How those sometimes ‘thought bubbles’ or wise words of wisdom garnered from anothers experience has now made it’s way into my own life & has made me better. 


So, for this 100th episode - I thought I’d share with you the top things I’ve taken away from six conversations that hugely impacted me & I’ve since integrated into my life. It shows the power of connection, conversation and this medium and how seemingly jovial conversations can have a major impact on your life. Hope you enjoy this solo episode and I’d love to hear from you and what episodes have impacted you and your life. Thanks so much for listening and being a part of this wonderful milestone! 




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