If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

The current political environment and apparent lack of leadership in our country.”

My guest today is a successful business leader, active social commentator and activist. Kylea Tink believes that challenges cannot and should not be ignored. She has been a driving force behind a number of initiatives that have shaped the Australian community for the better. Kylea is a passionate believer that each of us can play an important role in addressing the challenges facing our society. Being told something can't be done, or shouldn't be considered or discussed, has more often than not motivated her to ask "why not" and to play her part in the push for positive change. 

Kylea has been a CEO, Managing Director, business owner, Board Director and Strategic Adviser. For the past 30 years, Kylea has worked in all sectors - Government, Commercial and Not-for-Profit, helping to drive sustainable, positive change. 

Her capacity to quickly come to grips with business and stakeholder challenges has seen her not only champion the development of several iconic community campaigns (including the Sydney Pink Test) but has ultimately resulted in the achievement of a number of sustainable positive social changes. 

From her current work with organisations assisting vulnerable young Australians, through to the role she played as CEO at the McGrath Foundation to establish the organization and exponentially expand its Breast Care Nurse Network, to her most recent role as CEO of Camp Quality where she was challenged to bring the organization into the 21st Century, Kylea’s commitment to never settling for the status quo has meant she is widely recognized as a formidable change agent. With a proven track record for building and inspiring high performing teams, Kylea’s ultimate motivation is simple: “To leave the world a better place than I found it!” 

Kylea and I met many years ago under the stars in the outback at an incredible dinner at Uluru. We had so much in common and we’ve been great mates ever since. Kylea called me before she went public to let me know she was putting her hand in the ring to join politics. I challenged her on whether she was sure she wanted to do it.

This country does not have a great political landscape and female politicians are somewhat marginalised. So I asked her ‘Why would you willingly put yourself (and your children) into that incredibly tough environment?” Her response gave me lots to think about - and that’s why I wanted to get her on the show to chat on this interesting topic that might make you put more thought into the next time you vote.

Please enjoy this wonderful conversation with the fabulous Kylea Tink.


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