If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“What actually is success for us as a society? We have implicit assumptions of what success looks like but I believe that our current definitions of success is killing us all.” 




This episode originally ran in season one (in the height of covid lockdowns) and it was such a great conversation and so popular, we felt it needed to run again for those that may have missed it - or as a reminder of so many wonderful points the ever insightful guest, Louka shares with us. 


My guest today is one of the most decent humans you could ever meet. Louka Parry is an educator, strategist and entrepreneur and works at the global forefront helping schools, systems and organisations adapt for the future. As a school teacher, he was promoted to Principal at 27 years old and was named Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year for South Australia. He has spent the last 6 years working across systems globally to support positive change and impact. A rapid learner, he holds two Masters degrees, speaks five languages and has undertaken studies at Harvard and a fellowship at Stanford’s As CEO and Founder of The Learning Future, he works globally supporting schools and organisations to create thriving learning environments with a focus on innovation, future skills and organisational culture.


Louka’s compassion and genuine interest in others is evident when you meet him. He has a beautiful warmth and I could happily chat to him all day about weird and wonderful topics. He’s an incredible communicator - which is testament to him learning several languages later in life - an epic effort considering when he was 19 years old, he could only speak English. This is a thought provoking conversation where we cover many topics together. Please enjoy this wonderful talk with Louka Parry.


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