IMPACT with Dom Price

IMPACT with Dom Price

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I think society should have more conversations about our legacy, the impact we want to have (not just in our financials and how much we earn) but the impact on the planet. Impact on each other; impact on society and the outcomes we want to achieve. Because I fear that we’ve got carried away with busyness. We’ve got carried away with outputs. And I’m done with it”


Dominic Price has a career that has reached far and wide through Europe, US and Asia Pacific. Dom is a Work Futurist at Atlassian, the home of the most intelligent t-shirt wearers in the business! Dom has a deep passion for understanding the future of work and his job is to help Atlassian scale. The future of work is all about unleashing the power of teams and Dom helped pioneer what is now a legendary, globally shared ‘Team Playbook’, enabling teams to remain nimble, autonomous and focused - and anyone, from any company can access this wisdom. 

Prior to this role, Dom was previously the GM Program Management for a global gaming company and a Director of Deloitte. Whilst originally from Manchester, after 17 years, he is proud to call Australia home.

Aside from copious in depth chats on random topics, I’ve attended a few of Dom’s key note sessions before & I always come away with a number of key things to apply to my everyday life. He’s practical, insightful and has a wonderful take on the world. 

I hope you enjoy this fabulous conversation with Dom Price. 


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