If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I want to talk about the purpose and value of higher education in this day and age;- how universities are redesigning their education, how I see the near and far future of higher ed and what AI can do for our education.”


Lilia Mantai is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney Business School. She is an educationalist with experience in learning design and curriculum development. Her job is to make sure that Business programs deliver relevant skills and learning outcomes. Until recently her research concerned academic development and career progression, PhD training, and graduate skills. 


Now, with the surge of AI and its proliferation in the higher education sector, particularly this year since chatGPT came into our lives, she is interested in what sort of AI skills we need to develop at university today to prepare our students for tomorrow. She thinks about how AI can help us do better education, how education needs to change, and what higher education might look like in the future.


Born in Kazakstan and raised in Russia and Germany, Lilia describes herself as ‘endlessly curious’. It was unsurprising then that we both met, by chance, in a queue at the SXSW conference in Sydney where we chatted about the future of education - I’ve been looking forward to diving deeper into that conversation topic so I hope you enjoy this episode with Lilia Mantai. 


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