GOOD MOURNING with Sally Douglas & Imogen Carn

GOOD MOURNING with Sally Douglas & Imogen Carn

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“We want to talk about our favourte topics - grief and loss!”


Today we are going to chat about grief and loss. Before you turn off thinking - ‘I don’t wanna start my day hearing morbid stuff’ - please hang in there. Death may be the great equaliser, but grief can be completely alienating. While we all know how disorientating mourning can be, nobody really talks about it - as I well know! I’m delighted to be sitting down with two awesome humans who, after losing their mothers within months of each other, found that how we handle grief leaves a lot to be desired. 


Finding it helpful to chat about the strange and poignant ways they were moving forward, Sally Douglas & Imogen Carn created Good Mourning, a raw and relatable podcast about grieving - now in its sixth season. It’s a chart-topping show & global online community- who knew so many people wanted to hear about grief (well, I kinda did!). Sal & Im have also released a book called 'Good Mourning: Honest conversations about grief and loss'. Sounds weird, but it makes me happy to know that this topic is getting talked about more openly these days. 


It’s Sal & Im’s mission to tackle the topic of grief in a way that isn’t all doom and gloom by sharing candid conversations about grief and loss with honesty and humour. They are fabulous women & I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation on a very important topic that will effect every, single one of us. 


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