If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“In the case of perceived terminal illness, can a medical practitioner truly tell how much ‘time’ someone has got left to live?”


I know people and have heard stories of others who have lived for years after been given only weeks or months to live. Then there’s others where their wife of 50 years dies and they die weeks later with no obvious medical ailments, seemingly losing the will to live.  Are these cases where the mind truly is more powerful than the body?


Being curious about this topic, during my own recovery from cancer, I had discussions with my oncologist years after my mum’s passing as she was given a ‘time’ and it always bothered me.  I asked my specialist his view of giving someone ‘a number’ of days, months or years to live. He passionately told me that he didn't believe in giving ‘a number’ as he felt it was more harmful than good. I explore this more in today’s episode.




Today’s episode is a shorter piece where I’m challenging you to think a little differently about your body and how you treat it. This series is not about badmouthing general practitioners and ridiculing the medical fraternity. It’s a centuries-old notion that doctors are healers and near to gods, but they are mere mortals and their expertise is limited. My crusade is to help you realise that you need to create a working relationship with your medical professionals; surround yourself with a ‘team’ that ensures your body runs as efficiently as it possibly can. 


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