GENEROSITY with Malcolm Greenwood

GENEROSITY with Malcolm Greenwood

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“We could all be more generous. To ourselves in everyday life, to our communities and our country as a whole could be far better.”


Many would find interviewing your mentor a little confronting, but the fact that my lovely ceramics mentor wants to talk about us all being far more generous, gives you a little insight that we are not talking to your average teacher. You see, despite his 45 years of incredible knowledge around all things ceramics, Malcolm Greenwood is incredibly humble AND phenomenally generous with his time and knowledge of his craft. From the first moment I randomly contacted him, to spending time in his studio learning so much in those first few hours - I’ve been taken aback by how willing Malcolm has been to help others.

Now one of Australia's most sought after potters, Malcolm first began working with clay in 1976 whilst at Uni in Massachusetts, in the US. After moving to Boston, he began studying various Japanese pottery techniques with visiting Japanese potter, Makoto Yabe, including throwing, glaze formulation and firing techniques.

While living in Nigeria in 1978, Malcolm built a wood-fired kiln, producing pots using local materials. In addition he travelled throughout much of West Africa, studying the traditional pottery techniques and various collections of antique and contemporary pottery. The form and texture of many of the African pots has had an influence on the development of his work.

After Malcolm’s early career as an engineer, he left the corporate world in 1989 to begin his dream as a full-time potter. He often says, ”I left my job in the corporate world one day, walked out the back to the shed, began making pots, and never came out!”

Malcolm’s tableware is exquisite and If you’ve dined at some of Australia’s top resorts or restaurants, you’ve likely eaten off some of Malcolm’s beautifully made pieces. I’m thrilled to get to talk about something a little different with Malcolm today - I hope you enjoy the conversation. 


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