GENDER EQUALITY with Orianne Junkner

GENDER EQUALITY with Orianne Junkner


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“Mum’s kicking the inequality butt!”


Oriane is a highly ambitious and passionate entrepreneur and a mum to two boys. Born in France, Oriane has lived in many countries before she moved to Australia with her family. Harnessing her life-long questioning and curious nature, she created a marketplace to buy & sell products, services and resources to enhance mums’ lives. The company is called Spotz and Oriane’s mission is to empower mothers to create a world where they can thrive and positively impact the next generation. 


Oriane is not only passionate about helping others improve their lives, she has a Masters Degree in Genetics, Biology and Biotechnologies - which makes her one fascinating human to chat to so I can’t wait to learn more - Orianne, welcome to the podcast. 


Spotz is a Mum to Mum marketplace that allows Mums to earn money on their own terms by selling their products or services giving them independence. Spotz is also a purposeful platform that allows Mums to form a community, to express their needs and eventually unite behind a common cause to influence policy makers to change society to a more Mums' friendly one. 


“I created Spotz after experiencing discrimination first-hand. My husband and I achieved our Masters together, in the same course at the same time. We ended up in the same role in the same company together. There was one thing that was very different though. Our Salary! After my maternity leave, I was earning 30k less than my husband doing exactly the same job. When I asked for a pay rise that I felt was only fair, I was told my career was in “hibernation” and therefore didn’t deserve a pay rise. It was an injustice that I and so many of us have to put up with.. Instead of complaining, I decided it was time to be the change I wanted to see in the world.  This led to the creation of Spotz which has given me a strong sense of purpose in my life.”


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