FAILURE with David Knoff

FAILURE with David Knoff

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? 

Failure. And more importantly why it’s the best teacher and most important part of growth - but we never talk about it.

With a combined 15 years experience on the frontlines of diplomacy and conflict, David Knoff’s career has taken him to all corners of the globe. Specialising in remote leadership, isolation, resilience and leadership through adversity, David's story is a unique example of adventure and challenges in the harshest environments and circumstances. 


David's story began as a Platoon Commander in the Solomon Islands, after which, his lessons in empathy and adaptability carried him to Pakistan, where he navigated the ever-changing political landscape. He then took a sabbatical from diplomacy and worked as a freelance photographer based in Istanbul, following the stories of refugees escaping the growing conflict in Syria to the ancient history of the Mediterranean. As the conflict grew in Syria and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threatened regional security, David was part of Australia’s contribution to Operational Enduring Freedom and the international effort to defeat ISIS. 


Seeking a change of environment and pace but looking for a role that would draw on all his previous experience, David embarked on an Antarctic Expedition to lead Australia’s Davis Research station for a year. What he and his team couldn’t have predicted was that whilst they were away, a global pandemic would change the world they left behind and find them isolated longer than ever expected. 


Returning in April 2021 after spending an astonishing 537 days away, David penned the bestseller '537 Days of Winter'. He now leads Antarctic expeditions as a Voyage and Deep Field Leader, enhancing our understanding of the world's most remote wilderness.


David’s story is not like any I’ve heard before & I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with him.


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