Episode 4: Female Sexuality with Keeva Stratton

Episode 4: Female Sexuality with Keeva Stratton

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Female Sexuality. I am deeply passionate about gender equality. 
So much about conditioning says that women are dangerous, because they are sexual. Therefore, we must desexualise women in the workforce in order for them to be able to participate.”


Keeva Stratton is the founder of Quip Brands, a leading brand agency based in Sydney, and the Co-Founder of Ms Tee, a fun T-shirt label that lets women speak their mind through their body.

Keeva has 20 years of media and advertising experience—ten of which she has spent as a successful entrepreneur. She is a successful and sought-after mentor and activator, with a particular investment in supporting the female entrepreneurial community.

Years ago, her career began with recording and directing character voices for arcade games; it’s a career that has since taken many strange and wonderful twists and turns. She’s produced a national science fiction radio show; she’s covered Australian Fashion Week; and interviewed Hollywood heavyweights such as Quentin Tarantino.

Keeva has degrees in Communications and Cultural Studies, a Master of Criminology and a Juris Doctor, adding complex layers to her understanding of audience and engagement. She has studied at Australia’s leading arts institutions including AFTRS, AWARD School and NIDA, as well as The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and Gotham Writers in New York, furthering her creative craft.

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