Episode 2: Removing Toxic People From Your Life - with Tina Tower

Episode 2: Removing Toxic People From Your Life - with Tina Tower

Tina Tower is an absolute powerhouse & one of the most frank, open & generous entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. She works with experienced businesswomen to package their accrued knowledge and passion into profitable online courses.

As a business strategist, Tina loves helping women to realise their dreams.
This comes after 16 years as a business owner where she started her own tutoring centre franchise at age 20 no lees - and built the business to over 30 locations before exiting in a 7 figure deal. Nice!

Tina also hosts a fabulous podcast called Her Empire Builder and has been featured on the Today Show, Sky Business, Financial Review and has won the Australian Business Champion Award and Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Tina recently released her first book – which I can attest is a fantastic read

 One Life - How To Have The Life Of Your Dreams.

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Info on Tina’s company and what she does can be found here - www.tinatower.com

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