Episode 18: Resilience with Sebastian Robertson

Episode 18: Resilience with Sebastian Robertson


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?


“I want to talk about resiliency and navigating our new world. I'll go a bit broader than just mental health and talk about the implications of the 'new world' for young people including things like:

  • impact on employment (young people have highest level of unemployment) and the skills required for the future (for example what does future work look like the demand for people skills, technical skills, entrepreneurialism etc); 
  • mental health impact, barriers to help seeking and what does 'resilience' actually mean; and 
  • why there may be a need to redefine what the 'Australian dream' (aka owning your own home) is for future generations.”
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    Sebastian Robertson is a recognised entrepreneur and executive. He’s currently helping to shape the Australian drone industry as the co-founder and CEO of BIRDI, a technology platform that enables businesses to integrate drones into their operations by providing an 'end to end' management system.  

    Prior to BIRDI, Sebastian headed up a very different business - the social enterprise batyr -a preventative mental health charity.  As its founding CEO for 5 years, Seb established batyr as a national leader in innovative programs for young people in mental health. He remains actively involved in the organisation today as its Chairman. Seb has many accolades including being named Sydney Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the School for Social Entrepreneurs - not that he would ever tell you that as he’s one of the most humble blokes you could ever meet. 

    Seb is understated and yet has achieved so much in his early years even after overcoming adversity. He loves challenging the status quo and tackling some of life's big problems. I am always elated after I spend time with Seb - he’s just one of those humans that makes your heart glow. I hope you enjoy the conversation. 

    We talk about RUOK Day - Thursday 10th September, 2020.

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    BIRDI: A drone platform helping to facilitate job opportunities for pilots across the country and assisting businesses and enterprises to integrate drone technology and data into their operations.  https://www.birdi.com.au/

    Batyr: A preventative youth mental health organisation - if you know a school that is interested in getting a program to reach out to the team - or if you’re a young person and want to learn to share your story please do so as well - they are the stories that'll change the next generation.  https://www.batyr.com.au/


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