Episode 16: Embracing Different with Finbar OHanlon

Episode 16: Embracing Different with Finbar OHanlon

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? 

“It would be about talking less and listening more. Everyone is talking over each other and trying to get others to understand their point of view. Everyone’s trying to get you to buy 

something, or buy into something. There’s a lost art of listening and I think social media has amplified that. 

I want people to understand the power of different”


There’s no doubt we’re all in a time of unprecedented change, and for many, this change is pretty scary. Today's guest has spent his life embracing change, questioning the norm, analysing patterns, then designing and applying frameworks to reinvent the future.

A few ways to describe Finbar O’Hanlon could be strategic thinker, or global technology pioneer, maybe digital media architect, inventor, futurist and definitely musician… but Finbar describes himself simply, as a purveyor of different.

He’s spent the last 30 years living in different countries, helping people and organizations see through a lens that empowers the execution of innovation.

He lives and breathes the future.

As a musician and artist Finbar has played, and recorded with artists from bands ranging from Limp Bizkit to the legendary Cure. He even has his own signature guitar. But there’s more to this musician than meets the Rockstar-eye. Finbar helps global companies see through a different lens so they can uncover unrealised value. His ideas have helped launch three publicly listed companies with over $40 million dollars in startup capital and he’s been granted 13 patents in multiple different countries.  

He’s so bloody refreshing in a corporate sea of sameness and everytime I chat with Finbar, he challenges my thinking in such monumental ways - I can’t wait for the next time we meet! I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation with the fabulous Finbar! 


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