Episode 14: "Entrepreneurship - the harsh reality with Amy & Laura"

Episode 14: "Entrepreneurship - the harsh reality with Amy & Laura"

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“We wish people would talk more about the reality and the truth and the messiness of being self employed, freelance, running your own business. On the surface, these are often glamorised and many people aspire to be your own boss - but the reality can be quite different. Self Employment Sucks! But no one tells you that. We also have the complexity of working with the person we love as well - which has other complications.”

What gets up our goat is when people say “You must have the best life” - but they don’t always understand how hard we work or how tough we’re doing it in the background.”


Amy Lovat and Laura Kebby are the bibliophiles behind social enterprise Secret Book Stuff. Partners in business and life, they are both freelance writers, avid readers, whisky enthusiasts, and advocates of all things books and kindness. 

Secret Book Stuff is currently operating as an online store full of pre-loved and brand new books as well as bookish gifts. For every book sold, they plant a tree via One Tree Planted and donate a book to a child in a rural Australian community. 

Send a book to a friend or treat yo'self, tell the "secret book girls" what you like to read, and they will find your perfect match.

They are currently running weekly writing groups via Zoom and do an Instagram live book reading every fortnight with wine. Jump online and join in!

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