DIGITAL NUTRITION with Jocelyn Brewer

DIGITAL NUTRITION with Jocelyn Brewer

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? 


“Digital Nutrition and why we need to think of technology more like food than drugs. I think we need to talk more about what the impact of too much (irrelevant, low quality) information is on our mental health and wellbeing!”


If I’m honest with myself, there are definitely times when I feel that digital devices hinder my well-being vs helping it. I’m not an anxious person and yet, mindless scrolling or allowing those ‘inbound’ messages or texts to take over, definitely has an impact on my well-being.  


I’m sure you can relate. But let’s face it, I didn’t get my first phone or tablet until I was ‘old’. It’s a very different world now and navigating the digital landscape & impact of it on the young people in our lives is something more people & companies are focusing on. 


My guest today is Jocelyn Brewer who is a Sydney-based psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology and staying human in a digitally-saturated age.


She created Digital Nutrition in 2013 as a positive framework for addressing digital wellbeing issues and our love-hate relationship with technology and in 2021 completed a Masters in Cyberpsychology at Sydney University.


In addition to her private psychology practice where she works with adolescents and adults, Jocelyn is a speaker, educator and media commentator on issues relating to cyberpsychology, digital well-being and mental health.


We are about to get schooled on digital nutrition people - strap in! 


In our chat Jocelyn mentioned two books she would recommend;-

  • The Anxious Generation by Jonothan Haidt, and
  • The New Childhood by Jordon Shapiro


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