CONVENIENCE with Andre Eikmeier

CONVENIENCE with Andre Eikmeier

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“The C word is killing us. Convenience. It’s the most destructive human trait. Moreso even than greed.  Fast. Disposable. Cheap. Instantly gratifying. I think we all need to change our thinking and conversations around "convenience" being a good thing. 

Because it raises the question - WHY do we need this convenience? What are we making more time for? And what are we losing in the process? Mindfulness. Experience.”


André Eikmeier is a $100m startup founder, brand visionary, adventurer, storyteller, and passionate thought leader on purpose, culture, growing tribes and being human. He talks openly about his own failures and the insights that have shaped him and built his success.

As a startup founder and champion of change for good, André is probably best known for co-founding and building online wine startup Vinomofo into a $100m global company renowned for its strong customer culture and helped change the very brand of wine in this country - I myself was an early fan of the brand & still buy (way too much) from them today!!

Life before that is a twenty-year story of 5 failed businesses and 3 different careers, from writing to acting on screen and stage to fronting Australia’s biggest covers band of the 90s...mixed in with a year-long kombi wine adventure.

In 2018, André founded Good Empire, a global community platform to gather, unite and empower people to live more connected, purposeful, and impactful lives. As a guy with a strong moral code and champion of change for good - he seems to hit his soul's work.

With Year of the Planet they’re helping people change their lives to live more sustainably, and now the One Million Butterflies project is helping empower and reconnect people around the world through this time of big change, fear and uncertainty.

He’s driven by purpose, to bring to life into a more equal, abundant and sustainable world. Andre is a big thinker and our conversations often cover a wide range of topics...I can’t wait to see where this one takes us! 

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