Conditioning with Nardia Joy

Conditioning with Nardia Joy


If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I want to talk about Conditioning. To explore what we women and men have been conditioned to become; how we might start to unbecome, unlearn what we were taught, set ourselves free to be our authentic selves.” 


Nardia Joy is one of those people that you love the moment you meet her. She’s warm, engaging, talks from the heart but pulls no punches. Nardia is the founder of  transformational leadership company, NardiaJoy. A company that teaches leaders and founders to lead from the inside, authentically and to find a way of leading that brings out the best in them and their teams. She helps leaders gain a deep understanding of why they do what they do, become self aware of their impact and take ownership. Her work is deeply transformational. 

A self-professed love teacher, Nardia is also building a community of women through her new venture, Rainbow Fire Love Queen, whose mission it is to teach women how to love themselves, from the inside out, just as they are. Nardia is such a divine human to be around and our conversation covers many different concepts, please enjoy. 

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