BREAKING THE MOLD with Michelle Cox

BREAKING THE MOLD with Michelle Cox


I have a simple message for you today… 

Stop living for others. 



People are going to judge you regardless - it’s what humans do. And if you think about it - we only ever know our own perspective. Our version of life, the world, from our vantage point. So we are actually incapable to ever truly understand the delicate intricacies of someone else's beliefs, values, decision making…because their life - to this point right now- is made up of a thousand decisions they made that brought them to this point. 


And yet, so many of us LIVE for others. Be that for acceptance, approval, gratification, love…


If there’s one thing this 50year old has finally learnt - is to not give a flying fuk about what others think about you. They are looking through a completely different lens to you. Their glasses are blue & tinted, mine are kaleidoscopes and multi-coloured! We are never gonna agree!! So you may as well be true to you, be unequivocally happy & live life exactly the way you want to. 


You are the ONLY person who knows what makes you happy. I spent far too much of my younger years worried about what others thought about me - am I smart enough? Do I dress okay? Did I say the right things? 

It’s bloody exhausting. 

People love others that are genuine, unique & so comfortable in their own skin - how can you cultivate more of that in your life? 


Think about this for a second… who are you when no one else is around? What makes you truly happy? Think about that & recall how many times you get to experience those moments… could it be more?  


In this episode I challenge you to think about your life and whether you are truly living it for you…or for those around you. Hope you find it of value.

With love, M x

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