If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“I believe we need to change our mindset and 'rules' about exercise to make it a much more possible, consistent part of our life. And a good place to start is somewhere we spend a lot of our day - at work!”


I have an absolute ball of energy joining me today to kick off this new year for all of us!! Who better to have on the show than Lizzie Williamson - Dubbed by the US media as ‘the excuse-buster from Down-Under! Lizzie is the founder and author of Two Minute Moves, TEDx and keynote speaker, fitness presenter and certified personal trainer. She is a regular on morning television and in global news publications with her work featured on Good Morning America, Studio 10, the Today Show, and Women’s Health and Prevention Magazine. 


Through her fun, interactive keynotes, workshops and videos, Lizzie motivates workforces around the world to integrate micro-movement breaks into their day so they can be their most engaged, energised and happiest selves. She has got hundreds of thousands of attendees around the world stretching, moving and dancing at conferences featuring President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington and the Dalia Lama. Lizzie is refreshing, uplifting and a joy to be around - I can’t wait for you to meet the gorgeous Lizzie Williamson.



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