BEING STALKED with Nicole Madigan

BEING STALKED with Nicole Madigan

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? 


“Being Stalked is no joke - it had a major impact on my life and often victims are too scared or embarrassed to talk about it.”


Many of us would have made a joke about stalking. Using the word casually in situations like people following us around, finding out all you can about someone online before you meet them or even those overly enthusiastic people that step over the ‘too much’ boundary, we might say ‘What a stalker!’. But for my guest today being stalked was no joke.


Journalist Nicole Madigan is a victim-survivor and believes stalking needs to be spoken of with more seriousness. Her latest book, Obsession: A journalist and victim-survivor’s investigation into stalking details how she was stalked for three years by her partner’s ex-girlfriend. This was a woman she didn’t even know. A woman she’d spoken to in passing only once at her son’s cricket match. 


Nicole was previously a television reporter with the Nine Network and has spent the past 15 years writing investigative articles, news pieces, long-form features and content for a wide range of publications and businesses. She is currently a Senior Writer for Mamamia and has a passionate interest in domestic violence and family law, writing frequently on these and related topics, in the hope of raising awareness and evoking change.


Nicole is also a non-executive Board Director of Friends with Dignity, a charity providing support to victim-survivors of domestic violence, and is an ambassador for domestic violence advocacy group My Red Flags. She hopes that her story could serve as an example and that people and institutions start treating the issue with the seriousness that it deserves


This is a story almost too bizarre to believe.. and therein lies the problem.

Let’s meet Nicole to find out more… 



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Her Book: Obsession: power, fixation, control - A journalist and victim-survivors investigation into stalking




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