THE ART OF LISTENING with Julie Nicholson and Fiona Verity

THE ART OF LISTENING with Julie Nicholson and Fiona Verity

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“We need to listen more!”


The interview this week is a treat! I’ve managed to coerce Julie & Fiona the formidable duo from the fabulous podcast “Art Wank”, on the other side of the mic. Which was no mean feat, let me tell you! Think ‘Ab Fab for the Artworld’...and you’ll picture what a fun time we had together! 

Fiona Verity and Julie Nicholson are two comical, curious artists that came together to create a podcast featuring those in the art community. They talk about their own creative journey as well as interviewing incredible artists, curators, gallery owners, teachers and all the creatives they can find to guide them and learn more about how and why they do what they do. Cheekily named “Art Wank”, the intent of the podcast is to expose the underbelly of the art world, beyond the polished veneer, and instead focus on the process and practice of contemporary art.  


Originally both from the UK, Julie & Fiona have lived in Australia for over 20years and happen to live in my neck of the woods here in Avalon so we luckily go to meet in person. They have both had really interesting careers before meeting through their love of art and starting this project together. They have interviewed over 60 artists, creatives and curators since starting Art W**k over a year ago. Their aim is to inspire others to further their own art journeys. I can say from the many episodes I’ve listened to of theirs, the more I hear, the more confidence it gives me around approaching my creative endeavours with more playfulness and less expectation - as everyone does it differently! It was an absolute delight to talk to Julie & Fiona. Please enjoy this entertaining podcast with two wonderful humans. 


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