If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be?

“Connecting with our kids.”

 “Whether it's our own child, a niece, nephew or neighbour, kids crave connection. Yet in our busy lives, slowing down to really connect with kids can be hard. The foundations of resilience, confidence and self love all stem from knowing someone cares about me and someone 'gets' me. So how can we, as adults be that person who creates a true, meaningful connection with the kids around us? I want to outline the super simple, yet impactful ways we can do this, and what to do when a connection is broken.”


Amelia Phillips has been a health coach for 23 years, holding an exercise science degree with a Masters in Nutrition.  She was the cofounder of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, appears regularly in the media, is a health and fitness expert on Ch9’s Today Show, and hosts a podcast series for Mums called Healthy Her.  She had four kids in five years and is now dedicating a lot of her time educating families on health, both mental and physical. Amelia loves nothing more than working with people who want to step out of the shadows of self doubt, find their passion and live a life full or purpose.


Amelia and I are almost neighbours here in the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney so it was a delight to sit down in person and discuss a different, but very worthwhile and interesting topic of some little things we can all do to improve the connection of the young people around us. Please enjoy my conversation with the wonderful Amelia Phillips. 


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Amelia hosts a podcast series for Mums and carers called Healthy Her. She interviews top parenting, health and psychology experts on topics such as how to thrive when you’re sleep deprived, learning to love your post-baby body, balancing career with kids, how not to murder your partner, and managing mummy rage! 

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