2022 IN REVIEW with Michelle Cox

2022 IN REVIEW with Michelle Cox


Final episode of Season 3 for you today! It’s been a HUGE year - global travel was back, and boy did it make this gal happy! I took massive advantage of that & spent a fair bit of time exploring new places and faves of old. 


At this time of the year, I often reflect on the year I’ve had and take on some thoughts around how I want to go into the holidays and the new year ahead. I start with what I’ve achieved, what I haven’t. What I’ve learned, what I want to keep doing; what I need to build upon and those things I need to remove from my life! I evaluate it all! 


Self care was a key theme for me this year. 


One of the highlights of this year was the new & interesting people I met this year. 


What do you want 2023 to be? Take some time to reflect on your own year & how you want to ‘show up’ next year - in all facets of life. 

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